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My first post!

Hey y'all! For those of you that don't know me, I'm Leah! =) I finally got around to making some icons, so here they are! I hope you enjoy them!

46 Multi-Fandom & Tee-Shirt Icons

1-6: Carrie Underwood (including Kellie Pickler)
7-11: Greys Anatomy
12-13: Hilary Duff
14-17: Jojo
18-26: Kelly Clarkson
27-46: Tee-shirts

Tee-shirt designs by Delias and 80's tees!

No Hotlinking these icons!
Credit as summer_x_icons or tearfulxsilence or scribbalicious
Comment with what you're taking
Friend me!

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-Credit scribbalicious
-Comment if taking
-Friend for updates

{41} Carrie Underwood
{3} Law & Order: SVU
{8} Lost and Lost cast (May contain Season 3 spoilers!!)
{7} Gilmore Girls and cast (May contain Season 7 Spoilers!!)
{1} Kelly Clarkson


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Hello! Welcome to Scribbalicious! I'm Nick( misterscribbs ), and my partner, Leah( tearfulxsilence ). This is Where icons meet awesomeness. Were just starting out, so bare with us. Please add us for updates. To start things off, we want some suggestions. Comment with suggestions, as well as picture sources. Hopefully Leah and I both will have posts soon!